Artistic design that evokes resonance

We create resonance among different values to generate originality.

resonate with

A bold and pure proportion that... from the first glance... is overwhelmingly different from others to evoke a new perspective for people.

The exhilarating visibility and intuitive controls make driving safer and more efficient. The design that resonates with the driver's feelings will create a fun driving experience.

resonate with

”Resonance with environment” is also a major theme for Honda 0 Series.

The bold and simple design has the power to make changes in our society and make it more enjoyable.

AD/ADAS that ensures safety
and peace of mind

In order to deliver our automated driving technologies to customers
around the world, the 0 Series models which will come out in the late 2020s
will feature the latest ADAS utilizing next generation automated driving.

It will feature advanced AI, sensing technology, recognition/decision-making and driver monitoring technologies.

This will make the system more intelligent, as our AD/ADAS will become capable of more human-like, making it possible to offer a safe automated driving “space” which people can enjoy with peace of mind. Moreover, we will increase the number of situations where hands-off functions can be used.

The 0 Series will make the value of automated driving vehicles accessible to more customers.

New value as a “space”
made possible by
IoT and
connected technologies

Our 0 Series models will feature
connected technologies
and offer
the value of “fun to drive,
fun to use and fun to be connected.”

With the utilization of AI and big data, the vehicle will learn the user’s preferences such as music, as well as the driver’s behaviors and tendencies while driving, and will make various suggestions.

Such connected services will make UX and UI more seamless.
Ultimately, we are striving to achieve a stress-free UX with maximum fun, so that our customers can do whatever they want to do without delay.

The joy of driving with
the feeling of oneness with the vehicle

The “joy of driving” is an enduring value Honda has pursued through time.

For the 0 Series, Honda independently developed a “Thin, Light, and Wise” dedicated EV architecture.

With Honda's original electric and dynamics technologies based on “Thin, Light, and Wise” dedicated EV architecture, the 0 Series models will offer the joy of driving for a new era, providing an uplifting feeling that comes from a sporty drive and sense of oneness the driver feels, both mentally and physically, with the vehicle.

For this SALOON model, in addition to the adoption of steer-by-wire, we have further advanced the motion management system based on attitude control and other technologies amassed through the development of Honda's original robotics technologies. This contributes to the realization of control at the will of the driver in various driving situations.

In addition, by combining the low-height styling of the 0 Series with a full range of aerodynamic technologies honed by Honda in motor sports, dynamic and aerodynamic performance and design will be harmonized at a high level.

Outstanding electricity efficiency performance

Making EVs “Thin, Light, and Wise” will allow us to advance electricity efficiency performance of our EVs.

Based on time-proven electrification technologies, for the 0 Series models, we will pursue outstanding power conversion efficiency, e-Axles with excellent packaging, high-density battery packs that contribute to weight reduction and space efficiency and the ultimate aerodynamic performance. This will realize a long range with the less battery capacity.

For the 0 Series models to be launched in the second half of the 2020s, fast-charging 15% to 80% will be shortened to about 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, by applying battery system control technology refined based on a massive amount of driving data from over 1 million units of Honda electrified vehicles, Honda is striving to limit the degradation of battery capacity (range) to less than 10% after 10 years of use.