Honda is redefining mobility
from zero.

Honda is enabling people to transcend
every constraint
And augment life to its
fullest potential.

Thin, Light, and Wise.

“Thin, Light, and Wise”
is the approach Honda has established
for EV development after going
back to “zero.“

Augmenting design potential, including styling with a low vehicle height, and realizing excellent aerodynamic performance by utilizing a “thin” dedicated EV platform to create a low floor height.

Realizing sporty driving and electricity efficiency performance that defy the established beliefs people have about EVs through Honda original technologies created by going back to the starting point of Honda as an automaker.

Realizing Honda original software-defined mobility products by leveraging the knowledge Honda has amassed to date and by making cars wiser through the advancement of intelligent technologies.

Concept models that represent
the Honda 0 Series:
Saloon and Space-Hub

Honda will continue to offer pleasant
surprises and inspiration
to people who are trying to do
things through their own initiative,
and we will change the world by
further advancing mobility.

Honda 0 series
Coming in 2026